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We conduct rigorous workplace inspections to ensure compliance with safety regulations and identify any potential risks to employee well-being.

Accident Investigations

Our thorough accident investigations aim to uncover the root causes and implement preventive measures to avoid future workplace incidents.

Complaint Investigations

We take every complaint seriously, investigating reports of unsafe practices to protect workers and uphold safety standards.

Provision for Building Operations

We provide expert oversight for building operations and engineering construction works, ensuring safe execution and adherence to safety legislation.

Public Lecture

Our public lectures disseminate valuable knowledge on workplace safety, educating the community on best practices and new safety initiatives.

Legal Duties

Duties of the Employer

At the heart of maintaining a safe and productive workplace in Trinidad and Tobago lies a series of pivotal duties for employers, as mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Agency.

Duties of the Occupier

Occupiers in Trinidad and Tobago are entrusted with a critical range of duties designed to ensure a safe, secure, and healthy workplace, as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Agency. These obligations span from developing and communicating safety policies for larger teams to maintaining the structural integrity of the workplace, all aimed at minimizing risks and enhancing the well-being of employees and visitors.

Duties of the Employee

Employees in Trinidad and Tobago hold essential responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Agency’s framework, aiming to contribute actively to their own safety and that of their colleagues. These duties encompass taking reasonable care of their own health and safety, cooperating with employers, reporting unsafe conditions, correctly using personal protective equipment (PPE), exercising discretion in work refusal, and ensuring they are not impaired by intoxicants at work.

Duties of Manufacturers and Suppliers

Manufacturers and suppliers, integral to the Occupational Safety and Health framework of Trinidad and Tobago, are tasked with ensuring that any technology, machinery, plant, equipment, or material they design, manufacture, import, or supply is safe and poses no health risks when used as intended. Additionally, they must provide comprehensive information on the proper use of these products to guarantee safety and minimize health or environmental risks.

Safety and Health Committee

The Safety and Health Committee serves as a pivotal forum within Trinidad and Tobago’s Occupational Safety and Health framework, where both safety and health issues can be recognized and addressed. These committees underscore the collective responsibility for safety and health in the workplace, providing a structured platform for employers and employees to collaborate, identify, and solve problems together, thereby fostering the development of safer work systems through joint efforts.

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