Duties of the Employee

Legal Duty

An employee is defined as any person who has entered into or works under a contract with an employer.
Some duties of the employee include but not limited to:

(i) Section 10(1)(a) To take reasonable care for the safety and health of himself and others at work;
(ii) Section 10(1)(b) To cooperate with his employer so far as necessary;
(iii) Section 10(1)(c) To report to his employer any unsafe health and safety conditions or practices at work;
(iv) Section 10(1)(d) To use correctly the ppe provided for use;
(v) Section 10(1)(e) To exercise discretion with respect to refusal to work;
(vi) Section 10(1)(f) To ensure that he is not under the influence of any intoxicant to the extent that he can endanger himself or others