Duties of the Employer

An Employer is defined as the person who employs persons for the purpose of carrying out any trade, business, profession, office, vocation or apprenticeship. An Employer can be an Occupier.

Some duties of the employer include but not limited to:

i Section 6(1) Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all employees at work.
ii Section 6(3) The management of hazardous chemicals at his Industrial Establishment. This would include the handling, storing, labeling and proper disposal.
iii Section 6(7) Where there are 25 or more than employees, a policy specifying the organizations and arrangements is to be developed in consultation with employee representatives and communicated to all employees.
iv Section 6(9) The employer shall adapt the working conditions for a pregnant woman to ensure that she and the unborn child are not exposed to conditions hazardous to their health.
v Section 7(1) To ensure that non-employees, visitors and the public are not exposed to risks to their safety or health.
vi Section 13A Assess the risk to the safety and health of employees.
vii Section 25E Where there are 25 or more employees, a health and safety committee shall be established.
viii Section 25K Provide such health surveillance as appropriate having regard to the findings to the risk assessment.
ix Section 34 Employer must ensure that adequate steps are taken to prevent hearing impairment caused by noise and disease caused by vibration from occurring to persons in or within the vicinity of the Industrial Establishment.
x Section 37 An employer may require an employee or a person seeking employment to undergo a medical examination to determine fitness for work. The cost of such examination is to be undertaken by the employer.
xi Section 46 The employer is required to report workplace accidents and incidents within the timeframes specified within the OSH Act.
xii Section 47 An employer is required to preserve a site where an accident resulted in critical injury or a fatality.
xiii Section 48 Upon being informed that an employee suffers from an occupational disease, he is required to inform the Chief Inspector.