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The OSH Agency conducts inspections of industrial establishments within Trinidad and Tobago. The Table below summarizes the types of inspections conducted by the agency.

# Type of Inspection Description
1 Planned This is a proactive inspection triggered by OSHA’s inspection policy or work plan
2 Complaint Inspection This is a reactive inspection triggered by a complaint from an affected person
3 Accident Inspection This inspection occurs when there is an accident relating to occupational safety and health. It may be in response to an accident report or when the agency becomes aware of an accident by another means
4 Refusal to work Inspection This inspection is conducted where there is a refusal to work investigation
Download Refusal to Work Procedure
5 Stakeholder Request An inspection resulting from a request made by a stakeholder (employer/occupier). The stakeholder is required to write to the Chief Inspector requesting an inspection of their workplace
6 Lease/rental of premises Under Section 57(1) of the OSH Act, the owner of a premises is required to have his premises inspected and certified by the OSH Agency prior to renting or leasing. The owner is to request in writing to the Chief Inspector, an inspection of his facility
7 Building Operations and Works of Engineering Construction An inspection resulting from a notification of building operations and works of engineering construction. This notification must be made on the form 15.
8 Application for Approval of Building Plan for Factory or Warehouse Application for approval for Building Plan for Factory or Warehouse must be made to the chief inspector of the OSH Agency in accordance with section 59 1, 2 and 3 of the OSH Act.