OSHA Host Public Stakeholder Consultation

The Occupational Safety & Health Agency recently hosted a two-day Public Stakeholder Consultation on a draft policy for personal protective equipment (PPE) on Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th March, 2024. The consultation which was held at the Cipriani College of Labour, saw the participation of sixty five persons representing various sectors such as oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, health and agriculture among others.

As part of its ongoing commitment to facilitate the development of mechanisms for safe and healthy workplaces throughout Trinidad and Tobago, the OSH Agency engages in various activities including sensitization programs, inspections, prosecution and recommendations for the creation and amendment of critical legislation.

The purpose of this consultation was to obtain feedback from stakeholders on potential improvements to the current PPE policy paper. The participants provided valuable insights and constructive feedback which will be meticulously collated, assessed, and where applicable, would inform the final draft policy document.

The finalized policy document is to be used in the development of OSH Regulations to meet current and emerging technical requirements applicable to particularly relevant industrial sectors. The proposed policy will subsequently be presented to the Cabinet through the Line Ministry for further review and transmission to the Chief Parliamentary Counsel for the drafting of the OSH Regulations, subject to any necessary amendments.

Proper provision and use of personal protective equipment is pivotal especially in the arena of safety and health. It serves as a form of protection for employees who operate in low to high risk environments on a daily basis. The OSH Agency would like to thank all attendees for their participation and feedback as OSHA remains committed to protecting the safety and health of all persons in Trinidad and Tobago through the enforcement of compliance with the OSH Act.

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