Prohibition Notices

Prohibition Notice is served where there is serious and imminent danger towards the safety and health of employees and persons not in his employment.

Once served, a Prohibition Notice would have immediate effect to prohibit or restrict the use of the entire Industrial Establishment or part thereof, until the existing danger has been removed or the OSH Act has been complied with.

The Prohibition Notice is to be displayed or affixed to the prohibited thing or area and is not to be removed without the authority of an Inspector. Any person, who without lawful authority removes, defaces or in any way tampers with a Prohibition Notice is guilty of an offence and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court in accordance with the Supreme Court of Judicature Act.

Once satisfied, that a Prohibition Notice has been complied with, a written correspondence would be sent to the duty-holder and the notice will be removed from its displayed or affixed position.

A person on whom a notice is served may, within 7 days, object via a complaint to the Industrial Court.